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11/23 2011


Off I go. 

Thanks to Bob Rugh I have this quote from “Look at Me” by Jennifer Egan; “there was a freshness in leaving behind one life for the next, a raw, tingling sensation that was one step short of pain” (121).  I’m not certain I’mREAD MORE

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11/18 2011

Re-reading Hemon – Nowhere Man

The first time I came across Aleksandar Hemon was when my friend told me about meeting him at a Party, and that he had a story coming out in the New Yorker.  This was three years ago, and being completely broke I had no moneyREAD MORE

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11/12 2011

In the Heart of the Heart of the Country

Ok – first things first – what a great title!  As a reader, I’m drawn to lyrical turns of phrase in any story and this title of this collection of stories does exactly what it should; it serves to inform and inspire you reach inREAD MORE

11/10 2011

a journey and a book (or three)

One of the most important choices in preparation for travel is what book or books to take. You can’t take everything.  You have to speculate what you’ll want to read rather than linger over your library, and on a long trip you have to pack  these books withREAD MORE

10/29 2011

Rock Springs – Richard Ford


The only other book I’ve read of Richard Ford’s is “A Piece of My Heart” and I absolutely loved it.  In a discussion about it with my friend Bob, “Rock Springs” came up and he loaned it to me, and I’m grateful.

This is the typeREAD MORE

09/28 2011

The Adventures of Augie March

Ok Saul Bellow fans , how often have you read this quote?  “I am an American, Chicago born – Chicago, that somber city – and go at things my own way” (3). 

It’s a dandy – and not since I encountered Tropic of Capricorn last winter haveREAD MORE

09/26 2011

Costa Rica and Me (plus books)

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It’s Monday night and I’m on a mildlyREAD MORE

08/20 2011

Language, Neanderthals, and Star Trek IV

One story my mom will tell about me as a child was that before I spoke, I neighed at the horses.  Though I couldn’t talk to my parents, I was attempting to speak with my horse Cody.  What would Steven Pinker say about this?  IREAD MORE

07/31 2011

The latest – cooking the books (The Odyssey)

I may have stumbled on my a new love – cooking literary themed dinners.  I don’t pretend to be the first to have this idea, but it is new to me and I love it.

My friend had just re-read the Odyssey and we were discussingREAD MORE

07/30 2011

Books on the Train

One of my favorite things is to sit by a window in motion with a book and alternate between watching the world go by and reading.  If I want to change it up I might pull out a journal or a magazine, but with only a few alterations,READ MORE