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07/22 2012

Open City – Teju Cole

This book came to me with the weight of a friend’s passion for it.  Sent to me through the post with the description that it was a novel so beloved that once it was completed, my friend immediately flipped back to the first page andREAD MORE

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07/1 2012


More than ten years ago I was a new teacher in Japan grappling with the basics of teaching, life in a new country, and a multitude of other things including learning about what carbonara is.  This came about through Nova’s Quest textbooks, level 7B aboutREAD MORE

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06/24 2012

Room – Emma Donoghue

Room by Emma Donoghue is a fairly quick read, the type of book that lies somewhere between a strong well written novel and popular fiction.  It is the story of Jack and his mother who are captives in a room, held there by a man whoREAD MORE

06/16 2012

Weekend in Chicago

I’ve stepped back into a memory.  I woke up this morning in my bed, in my room with my book on the windowsill.  I could hear the downstairs neighbor cough,  then the click and rush of the CTA outside.   The bell and the announcement thatREAD MORE

06/10 2012

Plainsong – Kent Haruf

This is a book I think my sister would love.   She’d love the grace and kindness in the characters and the beauty of the landscape.  While Haruf doesn’t have quite the connection to the landscape as say, Walter Stegner, he does bring the sky andREAD MORE

05/28 2012

Some Cody Pictures/thoughts

This is our family horse, his name was Cody.  My dad bought him for $40 at an auction 37 years ago when he was a year old.  He was up for auction because he was the foal of a breeders hoping to have a gaitedREAD MORE

05/20 2012

The Shape of Mountains

What’s that line?  It’s not the destination but the journey?  I think that’s it.  My life has been shaped by travels and moving, exploring new cities and spaces, peppered with some reading and writing in between.   After about seven years in Chicago, I once againREAD MORE

05/4 2012

Easter (for Carl)

This is delayed, but I still want to share it.   Easter Sunday – April 8, 2012 was the first time I’ve celebrated Easter in years.  Typically I discover the holiday because I’ve gone to the grocery store and am alarmed to find it closed, soREAD MORE

04/29 2012

Too Much Happiness – Alice Munro


This book has perhaps my favorite title I’ve found in a long time because it is not only intriguing, but one that describes with simple clarity the breadth of the book.  The title story is the last and most distant in theme, as it describesREAD MORE

03/25 2012

Affliction – Russell Banks

The most striking thing about Affliction by Russell Banks is the unnerving way you are uncertain of what truth is the real truth.  Banks threw me off quite a bit with different chains of events.  There is a death with a shotgun, but I can’t tellREAD MORE