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09/8 2010

Travels with Running Shoes

I like to run, and I like to travel. The downside of this is having to pack running shoes and gear into my small backpack, or wearing them on the plane. The upside of this is wandering alone down new streets and dirt roads, alongREAD MORE

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09/4 2010

letter from O’Hare International Airport

Time: 8:56AM – September 3, 2010Location: O’Hare International Airport, Terminal 3, restaurant called “Macaroni” that for some reason does not serve macaroni.Companions: Coffee, backpack, Sergio (the waiter) and these really excellent rosemary potatoes.Mood: Excellent.

I would like to angrily report that O’Hare still does NOT have free wifi. MyREAD MORE

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08/25 2010

Military Genius (is there such a thing?) in War and Peace

What is military genius? Tolstoy’s hero, Prince Bolkansky, watches a group of war strategists and thinks to himself “there was not and could not be a science of war, and consequently no such thing as military genius” (775). Is this true? Can there be no scienceREAD MORE

08/16 2010

War and Peace – Book II

Oh what a story!

Book II of War and Peace shows the complexity of emotions between lovers, the unraveling of the fabric of society that age and war has on people, and as a writer, I am astounded by Tolstoy’s ability to clearly understand his characters.READ MORE

08/10 2010

Letter from Home, 20 years and some

This is a short story beginning, a mystery and a question.

In my mailbox a few weeks ago was an envelope with a short note from my mom that read “Jessica – make your dad and Grandma very happy and give it an ending. Grandma didn’tREAD MORE

08/6 2010

War and Peace – Book I

War and Peace, and War and Peace alone, is my reading goal for this summer and I’m a mere 1/4 of the way through but still convinced I can finish it by……..well, the end of September since I’m still reading other novels along the way.READ MORE

08/6 2010

From the Vault: My love of travel

I found this in an old diary entry and realized why I need to keep reading, and traveling.

4/26/09 (On the plane back from visiting Anna in LA)

Of all the moments in all of my life, the snaps and flashes of pure happiness are those whenREAD MORE

08/6 2010

Ten Easy Reads that aren’t total crap

Here’s my list (in absolutely no particular order):

1. David Sedaris – anything (except “Barrel Fever”). My absolute favorite is “Holidays on Ice” though it is more of a Holiday season book. Sedaris is so funny everyone who reads his stories erupts in laughter –READ MORE

08/6 2010

माय थौघ्ट्स ओं थे व्होले द्रगों टट्टू Business

I read this book in opposition to my typical stance of never reading popular fiction, and the sum of the story’s parts was most aptly described by my sister: it’s definitely a “Summer Read” but a slight cut above most of them. Like most popularREAD MORE