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02/23 2015

Colorado in February

IMG_0894There is a severe storm warning in the Denver area when I land.  All I can see is slow moving flakes floating lazily around in the air.  These are fairy tale flakes, drifting around the drab downtown Ramada.  Out of place outside the windows whereREAD MORE

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01/10 2015

Mississippi for a spell

2015-01-08 11.43.42There is a cold snap in Mississippi when I go there – temperatures down to 30 degrees.  That is about 30 degrees warmer than Chicago but still feels cold because it’s unexpected.    Across from my hotel in Jackson, all the shops are boarded upREAD MORE

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09/7 2014


Right now, outside my window, the cicadas are in full click.  Late summer song, I know it won’t last.  The heat of August has passed, and like many a Chicagoan, I am holding on to this last bit of sun until the winter takes hold.READ MORE

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07/25 2014

A Workweek in the Northwest

2014-07-22 20.23.33I’m on the road for a bit of an extended trip and kicked it all off with a West Coast tour from Seattle down to San Francisco.  Here are a few things that happened.

Chapter 1: Visiting Family

Four days before my departure to a city whereREAD MORE

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05/29 2013

some notes from the Shanghai – Beijing express train

Tuesday.  I’m on the Shanghai – Beijing express train and I’ve just decided to listen to music and write because my initial plan to stare out the windows and zone out for 5 hours has been disrupted my growing agitation with the combination of snorersREAD MORE

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03/11 2013

On The Road Again

Good evening.  It’s you, me, the Amtrak regional headed south from Providence, Rhode Island to Newark, New Jersey and I’m listening to Willie Nelson’s version of “City of New Orleans” and though it’s evening here repeat Willie’s sentiment and say to you all, Good Morning,READ MORE

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01/31 2013

Letter From China (one of many to come)

In a hotel in Shenzhen I’m excited to have access to CNN from Hong Kong that is just a 45 minute ferry ride away.  Not that I’ve been there, but I’ll take the news.  It seems Hillary Clinton is stepping down and John Kerry movingREAD MORE

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10/13 2012

The Journey

It begins with a phone ring – I hear it – my ringtone is the theme of the Andy Griffith Show and suddenly the whistle breaks out over the sound of the vacuum.  The taxi is here – outside.  I’d wanted to finish vacuuming beforeREAD MORE

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05/20 2012

The Shape of Mountains

What’s that line?  It’s not the destination but the journey?  I think that’s it.  My life has been shaped by travels and moving, exploring new cities and spaces, peppered with some reading and writing in between.   After about seven years in Chicago, I once againREAD MORE

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03/3 2012

Work Trips

I love the work trip.  I love  home too, and despite how many people say to me that I will tire of it at some point, I will always take more work trips.  I like traipsing through the airport with annoying bags and working onREAD MORE