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05/28 2012

Some Cody Pictures/thoughts

This is our family horse, his name was Cody.  My dad bought him for $40 at an auction 37 years ago when he was a year old.  He was up for auction because he was the foal of a breeders hoping to have a gaitedREAD MORE

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08/20 2011

Language, Neanderthals, and Star Trek IV

One story my mom will tell about me as a child was that before I spoke, I neighed at the horses.  Though I couldn’t talk to my parents, I was attempting to speak with my horse Cody.  What would Steven Pinker say about this?  IREAD MORE

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07/31 2011

The latest – cooking the books (The Odyssey)

I may have stumbled on my a new love – cooking literary themed dinners.  I don’t pretend to be the first to have this idea, but it is new to me and I love it.

My friend had just re-read the Odyssey and we were discussingREAD MORE

05/4 2011

New, and pretty stoked

On a lovely trip to St. Louis, my good friend Alex Levine offered to update my blog so here it is.  Thank you Alex!

This will likely be the only post that is not related to books and travel, but it is a good time toREAD MORE