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07/11 2014

several small things this summer in Chicago

2014-06-08 17.12.07I have a new bike.  It is a burnt orange, almost red, hybrid that is just my size.  Something is wrong with the left pedal, but I plan to take it to the shop where I bought it for a fix, maybe tomorrow.  There isREAD MORE

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06/17 2014

Some things I’ve noticed back in America

IMG_0837Everyone is obsessed with kale chips. They are good, for sure, but even the back of pre-washed kale has a recipe.  My mother has stated that she is afraid of kale.  I don’t know what this means exactly, but my assumption is the fear isREAD MORE

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06/16 2012

Weekend in Chicago

I’ve stepped back into a memory.  I woke up this morning in my bed, in my room with my book on the windowsill.  I could hear the downstairs neighbor cough,  then the click and rush of the CTA outside.   The bell and the announcement thatREAD MORE

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01/16 2012

Norwegian Wood – A Book and a Movie

I have the same feeling about Haruki Murakami that I do about Salman Rushdie; I love and hate the writing equally.  One moment I’m fascinated with the style, the next I find it dull.  To be clear, I’m not comparing their writing or saying theyREAD MORE

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11/23 2011


Off I go. 

Thanks to Bob Rugh I have this quote from “Look at Me” by Jennifer Egan; “there was a freshness in leaving behind one life for the next, a raw, tingling sensation that was one step short of pain” (121).  I’m not certain I’mREAD MORE

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11/18 2011

Re-reading Hemon – Nowhere Man

The first time I came across Aleksandar Hemon was when my friend told me about meeting him at a Party, and that he had a story coming out in the New Yorker.  This was three years ago, and being completely broke I had no moneyREAD MORE

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11/10 2011

a journey and a book (or three)

One of the most important choices in preparation for travel is what book or books to take. You can’t take everything.  You have to speculate what you’ll want to read rather than linger over your library, and on a long trip you have to pack  these books withREAD MORE

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09/28 2011

The Adventures of Augie March

Ok Saul Bellow fans , how often have you read this quote?  “I am an American, Chicago born – Chicago, that somber city – and go at things my own way” (3). 

It’s a dandy – and not since I encountered Tropic of Capricorn last winter haveREAD MORE

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05/7 2011

Chicago Travels – Pilsen

The business of living, of going to work, of buying vegetables, of catching colds and focusing on finance, and so many more things, often gets in the way of journeys.  Today was a good reminder of why I love Chicago, and how easily accessible incredibleREAD MORE

05/4 2011

New, and pretty stoked

On a lovely trip to St. Louis, my good friend Alex Levine offered to update my blog so here it is.  Thank you Alex!

This will likely be the only post that is not related to books and travel, but it is a good time toREAD MORE