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09/29 2012

What it’s like here – on the way out

I’ve got a week and a half left in Arlington.  When you’re moving from an area, the last weeks are when you rush, when you’re anxious about leaving, anxious about arriving in the next home, sorry to say goodbye, hoping you will find people toREAD MORE

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08/10 2012

Summer in Arlington, VA (what it’s like here)

This is place with hills (says the former Chicagoan).  I live here in a rented room with friends and cats.  This is a place with a pool on the roof and a sharp sun that we love every weekend.  From the roofdeck you can seeREAD MORE

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05/4 2012

Easter (for Carl)

This is delayed, but I still want to share it.   Easter Sunday – April 8, 2012 was the first time I’ve celebrated Easter in years.  Typically I discover the holiday because I’ve gone to the grocery store and am alarmed to find it closed, soREAD MORE

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01/20 2012

What life is like here (on a long weekend)

There I am, lugging around a blue mesh laundry basket from floor to floor.  It’s the third day of a three day weekend and I need to clean my clothes.  So does everybody else in the building.  I live in a building that incredibly hasREAD MORE

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12/24 2011

Lie Down in Darkness – William Styron

I believe strongly in the influence of place and time on reading habits.  I can still remember reading Hamlet on a hill by the arboretum at the University of Idaho with the sun on my book (it was late spring, 1999).  I remember reading Carver’sREAD MORE