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About Me

I live in Sandpoint, Idaho.   The places I’ve called home in the last ten years are Chicago, Shanghai, China, Washington DC,  Seattle Washington, Osaka, Nagano, and Nagoya Japan, and Eugene Oregon. Though I’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to travel extensively, I’m always at the core a small town person from Northern Idaho.

I read a lot and love talking about books in all different capacities.  My favorite writer is Raymond Carver and after that I love Nabokov , Chekov, Jhumpa Lahiri, Richard Ford, Ben Okri, Ernest Hemingway, and Flannery O’Connor to name a few (this is a long long list).  The best travel writer I’ve found yet is Alastair Reid.  His writing inspires me to be better.

Though I read and appreciate novels and poetry, I firmly advance the short story medium as the strongest written form. I lean toward stories that are heavy on analysis of human nature rather than plot driven narratives (but I’ll read anything you put in front of me).  My love of travel drives me to constantly explore new locales and I find no greater joy then sitting in a new cafe in a strange city with a notebook filled with what I see, smell and feel.

Reading and writing means the world to me, and as a result I am deeply committed to adult education.  With so many gifts in my life, I am determined to use the resources given to me to best benefit the community I am a part of.  The gift of reading is not something everyone has ready access to, so please support your local library, literacy organization, or even consider tutoring in your free time.  If you have children in your life, read to them.  We all benefit from a more literate population and the ability to access the stories that change our lives.