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02/23 2015

Colorado in February

IMG_0894There is a severe storm warning in the Denver area when I land.  All I can see is slow moving flakes floating lazily around in the air.  These are fairy tale flakes, drifting around the drab downtown Ramada.  Out of place outside the windows whereREAD MORE

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01/27 2015

Divisadero by Michael Ondaatje

ondaatje_coverggla07_highIt’s been a while since I had a hardback book in my hands.  On the trains, planes, and in waiting rooms, everyone has an e-reader.  I’m not one of those people, but I usually have a floppy paperback that I write in and dog earREAD MORE

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01/10 2015

Mississippi for a spell

2015-01-08 11.43.42There is a cold snap in Mississippi when I go there – temperatures down to 30 degrees.  That is about 30 degrees warmer than Chicago but still feels cold because it’s unexpected.    Across from my hotel in Jackson, all the shops are boarded upREAD MORE

12/30 2014

33 Days on the road

2014-12-18 07.24.282014-12-18 06.03.53Before I leave I check the lock two times, then a third. Shake the handle to be sure. It’s locked. I look in my bag. Keys, wallet, passport, phone. Good to go. I have a bag and two suitcases so it takes two trips downREAD MORE

09/7 2014


Right now, outside my window, the cicadas are in full click.  Late summer song, I know it won’t last.  The heat of August has passed, and like many a Chicagoan, I am holding on to this last bit of sun until the winter takes hold.READ MORE

07/25 2014

A Workweek in the Northwest

2014-07-22 20.23.33I’m on the road for a bit of an extended trip and kicked it all off with a West Coast tour from Seattle down to San Francisco.  Here are a few things that happened.

Chapter 1: Visiting Family

Four days before my departure to a city whereREAD MORE

07/14 2014

Untitled – an old story

Alice did not appreciate having the children, again, for the afternoon. It was Saturday, and on Saturdays she met with Estelle and Marilyn for coffee and toast at Humphrey’s, then went to the market. Usually she did, anyway, but here was Tom in the drivewayREAD MORE

07/11 2014

several small things this summer in Chicago

2014-06-08 17.12.07I have a new bike.  It is a burnt orange, almost red, hybrid that is just my size.  Something is wrong with the left pedal, but I plan to take it to the shop where I bought it for a fix, maybe tomorrow.  There isREAD MORE

07/4 2014

Highways to a War – Christopher Koch



This is not my typical read, though reinforces why I so love sharing books.  Thank you Anna for sending this, among others.

Highways to a War by Christopher Koch is a novel about an Australian war photographer who disappears in Cambodia in 1975, as told by hisREAD MORE

06/17 2014

Some things I’ve noticed back in America

IMG_0837Everyone is obsessed with kale chips. They are good, for sure, but even the back of pre-washed kale has a recipe.  My mother has stated that she is afraid of kale.  I don’t know what this means exactly, but my assumption is the fear isREAD MORE